The Vigezzo and Ossola Valleys: typical products to taste

The Miramonti Hotel offers its guests a wide selection of the typical products of the Ossola Valleys: the honeys, the prosciutto smoked with juniper of the Vigezzo Valley, the prestigious Bettelmatt of the Formazza Valley, the herbs grown by the Erba Bona Consortium, wines of the Ossola Valley, rye bread and salami made with the ancient techniques of production.

Along the valley, in the small towns of Re, Craveggia, Malesco and Santa Maria Maggiore, it is then possible to rediscover traditional flavours that come from products selected in this area: authentic flavours, handed down from generation to generation, and tied to this mountain environment, which are found in a typical, simple and genuine cuisine.

On request you can receive the typical products of the Vigezzo Valley and the lands of the Ossola directly at home by means of an accurate delivery service, or receive information on availability, prices and delivery times by filling in the contact form.